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Saturday, July 2, 2011

A South African fly tying journey with Ed Herbst and friends.

A South African fly tying journey with Ed Herbst and friends.

A South African Fly Tying Journey with Ed Herbst and Friends

Ed Herbst and Andrew Ingram's first DVD on South African fly tying and fly fishing focuses on the evolution of tackle, tactics and fly patterns which has seen us move from four weights in the seventies, to the Orvis Ultrafine 2-weight in the early eighties and now to the latest Sage Triple 000 and from a period when #14 flies were considered small to our current micro-patterns. 
Herbst and Ingram have included Tom Sutcliffe, Dean Riphagen, Fred Steynberg and of course Ed Herbst as the tyers of classic South African dry flies. You will see them tying and fishing the Caribou spider, RAB, Xmas Xaddis, G&B Low Floater and Shuck Emerger ... as they tell the story in their own words.
This DVD will be followed by another on terrestrials towards the end of the year.
See a preview here http://vimeo.com/25026688

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